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140cm Little Dark Skin Young Girl Lifelike Sex Doll – Eva

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Product Description

Although sometimes it pays to just jump in so to speak and buy Lifelike sex doll that you like the look of and that sounds as if it could be a good treat, it also pays to know a little bit more especially if you are looking to spend a fair amount on your new realistic sex doll. Sex doll reviews enable you to find out exactly what you want to know when you want to know and all at the touch of the button or the click of a mouse!

She really is amazing just like having the full girlfriend experience. Eva is our most natural doll,very realistic and very innocent. She has beautiful skin and fantastic body says it all.nice natural size breasts with beautiful hands and feet are manicured with wires for movement and flexibility.

Material: Silicone / TPE
Inside : TPE with metal skeleton
Weight : 22.5kg
Height : 140cm
Functions : Vagina sex, Anal sex, Oral sex, Breast sex
Feet length: 20.2cm
Vagina depth: 17cm ,Anal depth: 16cm, Oral depth: 13cm( giving and taking)

realistic sex doll

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comb, cleaning bottle, cotton gloves, string panties and bra


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